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Top Footprints In The Higgs Field

Kirill Skovpen writes about the recent observation of the simultaneous production of Higgs particles and Top quarks

The model that describes fundamental particles and interaction forces in physics, known as the Standard Model, provides a comprehensive description of natural phenomena. Nevertheless, it leaves several questions unanswered and it remains incomplete: it excludes gravity and is not able to provide a description of how the world is functioning at extremely high temperatures. All the things we see around us are made of electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons, in turn, are made of even smaller elementary particles called up and down quarks. The family of elementary particles however contains much more than quarks, it includes many other types of particles that can only be seen through a number of peculiar interaction processes. The study of elementary particles and their interactions thus represents a great tool in the construction of an ultimate model that would provide us with a complete description of nature.

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