Mobiliteit - Mobility

   Organized by Prof. Jorgen D'Hondt and Prof. Catherine De Clercq

  The graduated Master student should be able to perform research or follow courses in an external institute. This course allows the student to conduct a research project at an external institute (for example CERN), or to follow regular courses which are part of the curriculum of another university. Also studyies at summerschools in the field of physics can be attributed to this mobility course.

In the case of an external research project: A report of the research project should be handed in shortly after the end of the project. This will be the basis for the evaluation, not only the form but also the content of the report will be considered. The student could be asked to give an additional presentation of the performed research project. The external supervisor at the institute where the project was performed will be asked to fill an evaluation form.

In the case of courses at another university: The scores on the courses as provided by the course responsible at the external university will be the final score.

In the case of a summerschool without formal evaluation of the organizers: A detailed report of the summerschool will be asked. This should be in the form of a mini-course of the complete or a selected part of the content of the summerschool.

The general description you can find here.

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